Juan’s Christmas in Newent

20131231_191017My trip here in England was very interesting. I got  a good experience and `I learned a lot of English. So I`m sure  now that I speak English better  .During the lessons I learned a lot of other interesting subjects. I saw real English culture and traditions.  For example, ,how people celebrate Christmas. I went to a lot interesting places with Sam and her family.  I completed  exercises , and practiced my  English.They let me feel here like at home. It was great 3 weeks.


It has been a great experiences for me here in Weymouth, even if it’s not a very big town but my host family have taken me to Southampton for shopping, exercised at the gym and even a traditional British show called ”Pantomime’ ‘It was such a good fun here. I’ve learnt a lot of British’s traditional events or food. Moreover, I spent my Christmas with my host family’s parents and they are lovely.