From French capital to Welsh capital

My name is Pierre-Alexandre, I am seventeen years-old and I live in Paris. I stayed in Cardiff two weeks. I enjoyed all I saw during my journey. I came for improving my level in English, but I learnt a lot about the city and the Welsh way of life too. Every visit was a discovery for me, so everything interested me a lot. I think that this journey could not be better than as it was. I wasn’t homesick because I had real good food (like we have in Paris), Wi-fi, television,etc, all things you want to have to keep in touch with your family, and improve your English level in the same time ! Mornings lessons were very useful, the activities on the afternoon too. Moreover I was in a really great family composed by very nice persons, which helped be to practise    my English speaking. Nevertheless, I had time for my personal school work, so the journey was very complete. I think that my level in English really improved. I recommend the Jenkins-Jones family for everyone one who wants to improve his English in the best conditions 🙂

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Fun in Welsh capital

Hello, my name is Diego and I am from Barcelona. This summer I spent a four weeks course with Leaving Learning English in Wales where, as the title says, I had a wonderful time.

The house where I stayed is located in the Welsh capital, Cardiff, in a very quiet and beautiful neighborhood called Whitchurch. Cardiff is such a lovely place where you can find whatever you want and you can do almost all kinds of activities like visiting the amazing Cardiff castle or the very interesting National museum, but in my opinion the best activity that I’ve done twas visiting the St Fagans museum, a place where there are typical Welsh old buildings and a fantastic scenery. Apart from this there is a huge stadium called the Millennium Stadium where takes place different sorts of sports, but especially rugby  “The king sport of Welsh”. In addition, if you like go shopping in Cardiff there are a lot of different shops (traditional or moderns) and an enormous commercial center called John Lewis. I won’t mention more amazing places because I would never finish, so come here and discover this by your own, I am sure you won’t regret.

The family who I stayed with was really nice and kind with me. The mother of the family and my teacher is Sophie, I strongly recommend her as a teacher, because I have improved my English quite a lot and the classes were really enjoyable for me. Daniel the father of the family is very nice and funny, you can learn interesting things from him. Finally, the two children, Gethin and Gwenan, are really friendly persons who I spent a very good time with them, don’t worry if you are a little bit shy, with them you won’t feel uncomfortable.

That is my experience, I had a fantastic time with this family and in this place. So if you aren’t sure to try this because you don’t feel confident or whatever other reason, I have to tell you that you will have a good time, you will improve a lot your English and you will know another culture.

Diego Regidor 🙂



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