I felt at home in Bristol!!

I’m Carmen, I’m from Valencia and I stayed in Lesley’s home for two weeks. I felt at home, I had fun learning English and meeting new people.

I was very happy thanks to Lesley and her great family. People in Spain told me that English people were serious and wouldn’t understand my jokes, but it isn’t true!!! This family broke the stereotype. We laughed a lot!

I also went to the office of Living Learning English and met all the people who work for this organisation, all of them were very friendly!

This kind of course is really good for me because I learned English, went sightseeing and lived in a family. For me it is important when I travel to know how people live, and I was able to share and feel like one of the family.

All of them are marvellous!

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Really good experience in Bath


Really good experience in Bath, the teacher was very competent and nice. Well, my english need more practis but I saw a lot of improvement during my week in England. Thank you living learning English!

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