Stanley’s Stunning Stay in Bristol

What I did in Bristol
I have done lots of things but my favourite things were:

I have visited the SS Great Britain. The trip was great, I learnt a lot of things like how people lived on the ship for 3 months. I would recommend my friends to visit there. Some people even climbed up the rigging.

I went to the cinema at Cabot Circus and I enjoyed it very much. It was brilliant. The film I watched is called the Maze Runner which Is an adventure movie which is my favourite and suitable for adults and teenagers. I went with my host family and they really liked it as well.


<strong> <strong><strong>What I learnt</strong></strong</strong>>

I have learnt a lot of things but the most important things were :
<li>I improved my writing skills like I know how to extend my sentences and make them more complex.</li>
<li>I improved my reading skills and I now know how to analyse the articles. I know what alliteration is now.
</ul>                                                                                                                                                       <strong>Where I stayed</strong>
<li>I stayed near the Gloucester Road which is on the hill. It is quite quiet. The house is huge and warm. The food tastes fabulous and delicious. I love it very much. I have enough everyday.</li>
<li>my host family was really kind and helpful. They cared for me a lot and took me  everywhere like SS Great Britain and the cinema. They cooked well for me and taught a lot  about English culture.</li>

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