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My name is Simone Roel Backes and this is my first time inBritain, and was amazing!

I need to improve my English for my work and chose to come to St. Albans (old Rome state called Verulamium near London) to Kate and Peter’s house.

I had 4 hours a day lesson and was excellent to remember all the stuff I didn’t use in the last 15 years.

The best part of my English course was the contact with “my Family”. Kate is a star cook (before I arrived I thought I would eat Fish and chips every day), all day a new delicious meat, and Peter is an excellent guide. He took me to visit St. Albans and London. I saw sights as well as special places because I was with a native.

I improved my English a lot and have at the moment a sore throat because I was talking all day.

This week was important to make me confident to speak English again.

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