Hi, I’m Julia from Spain and I’m 17.

I was studying English in Kate’s house for 3 weeks with Kseniya, my Russian partner. I was living in St Albans with Kate Irving and her husband Peter.

Kate’s family is very friendly and since the first moment I felt really comfortable with them. They were always talking with us and it helped me to improve my listening and of course my speaking too. In every moment I felt welcome in that house. They cared about our necessities and they always wanted to help us when we asked about how to go to some place, how to do something or just explaining to me that weird word that I didn’t understand. The food was lovely and the dinner time a good moment to stay all together.

We visited a lot of places, doing different activities, like a tour around London with Peter, visiting Ely, going to Cambrige, seeing the Harry Potter Studios, going to a concert… Kseniya and me usually went to London once per week to go shopping or visiting museums. I visited the Olympic Park too and I could see in these 3 weeks the Olympics’ Spirit, because every day we were following team GB and their medals.

I met a lot of Kate and Peter’s friends in differents moments or just knocking on the doors to introduce ourselves and improve our speaking and listening with different peolple. I learnt a lot of things about the English culture and the British people in every moment that I spent in St Albans.

I don’t want to forget to mention Barbara and Joanne, my other 2 teachers who were fantastic people too.

Of course I recommend this course to everyone who would like to know the English culture and language and I’m sure that I won’t forget this fantastic 3 weeks with this incredible family.



P1050195.1 (3) Julia went to the Olympic Park at Stratford P1050306.9 Newnham College

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