I’m Ivan and I’m 15. I came from Russia from St. Petersburg.
I’m going to write little review on Caroline Cowan who was my English teacher. Caroline is a very courteous teacher. May be sometimes when it is afternoon she little bit less courteous, whereas my lessons were in the morning. She is really amuses and I got lots of fun during my living and learning English. I wasn’t be tired by lessons but I couldn’t say that it was easy, and it is good. I was really pleased when every third or second lesson, Caroline broke studying on three separated hours with two breaks between it, we started from an easy game, which was designed on improving my speech.

Lots of little trips through the mountains were nice for my notion about North England and for my form).  I took a few pictures of views, may be it is arthouse a bit. My trips to a different cities were not boring, opposite, they were interesting because I had not too much excursions and our walks weren’t too tired.

Family – it is the best thing what I had in this journey! Nick, the husband of Caroline, is the funniest Englishman I had ever met! I realised what english humor is. Tim, the son of Caroline and Nick, is very interesting person. His ski project is daring in positive side of this word. But he believe in himself and does everything about his project very carefully. It usually brings only a good result.

So, I was really enjoyed living there ang learning English.


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