Professional Academic English in London

My name is Davide Dal Pozzo, I am from Italy. I completed one month course in Professional – Academic English in London. This period was wonderful: I learnt a lot , I really enjoyed the course. Damian is a very friendly and experienced English teacher. We have been to Windsor two times and we also visited Eton’s colleges with the riding school, then Cliveden, an Italianate mansion and estate in the Buckinghamshire and other parks of the National Trust. After visiting many museums and historical buildings in London, I had good time in Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon, Greenwich and other lovely historical places. These excursions played an important part in the comprehension of the history and culture of England. Damian and his family are very kind: conversation with the teacher and family outside lessons was important in the progress I made. I really enjoyed my stay: it seems like to be at home, the family is nice and London is fantastic. The Individual Study Plan proposed to me helped me and the teacher plan the best course: in this way my English has improved more than I expected. Damian is an experienced teacher of English as a Foreign Language and can offer General English, Business and Professional English, Academic English. His main qualifications are MSc Climate Change Impacts and Sustainability and BSc (Hon’s) Degree in Geography / Science. Thanks to Damian’s experience, I could learn a lot about climate change and sustainable energies, very important topics of my jobs. I particularly appreciated the teacher’s patience and availability in explaining various subjects about the United Kingdom history and culture. The course in London enhanced my awareness of British culture, tradition, history and language. For these reasons I think that the period I lived in Britain was certainly excellent. I really enjoyed my experience in London, during these days I had great time and the month has passed very quickly: in my future I would like to meet this nice family again. I’m thinking about coming back to London as soon as possible: I love this city!

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