Thursday,we went to Portsmouth. It is a beautiful place with a great Historic dockyard. Portsmouth is also a British Royal Navy Naval Base.

we went to see the HMS Victory which is a very old ship  where Nelson died , killed by a french sniper. It was launched in the 1700s. It is the last ship that is old from this period.

We also went to see the HMS Warrior, a big ship with three masts. It was the first  ship built with some iron.

We also had the chance to go on a speed boat. It was really fast ( 35 knots ) and we went to see two spitbank forts in the sea, which are now turned into luxury private houses  who are really expencive. We went up to a beach near Bembridge. Then we returned to Portsmouth where we saw a big submarine.

on our way back, we were caught be the traffic jam so we went through the new forest.

It was a really good day, I really enjoyed it !

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