Polina Gorbatova from St. Petersburg


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Hi, hi, hi, hi! My name is Polina Gorbatova and I am eleven years old. I come from St. Petersburg and stayed in England for 7 weeks.

First I stayed with Michelle, Steve, Grace, Edward and Rose in their big house and big garden in Corsham. They had a trampoline and football net and basket ball net.They had a black labrador called Lulu, who had beautiful eyes and she loved to be stroked.I loved the food that Michelle cooked. We had fun lessons with games.Every evening we had ice lollies. We jumped on the trampoline , we rode bikes and played games like Monopoly.We. went to watch cricket games and went to the seaside. We went to London and Bath.Also we cooked many cakes and biscuits .

Then I went to stay at Emma, William and Amber’s colourful  cottage with a little beautiful garden in a peaceful village called Marnhull. They had a dog called Amy. She is a blond lurcher .Every day we went up the mountain with Amy.We played games in the lesson.We went to many fun and crazy parties.After dinner we lit the fire and watched TV with strawberries and icecream. We went swimming two times and rode bikes. We cooked in the lessons. I wrote many postcards.We went to the seaside , London (with my Mum) and to the theatre to see ”Me and My Gal”, which was a fun musical.

The weather was wet and a little sunny, but it was fun. Both bedrooms were comfortable.

I would like to come to England again.

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