Our two weeks in Margate !

Hi ! We are Josephine and Ophelie,we are 12 and  we come from Paris ! We are going to tell you about our two weeks in England, in Jim and Ella’s house.

We were welcomed the 23rd June by Ella, Jim and their daughter Alexandra to their big house. Ella is a very nice teacher : we learn new words, new vocabulary, new rules of grammar. We did many speaking and writing exercices, games. Every morning, we had 3 hours of lessons and the afternoon we did many activities.

Jim  accompanied us to see Walmer castle and Deal castle because they have very beautiful garden with lots of flowers. We also visited Dover castle where the tunnels were used as hospital during the war. We walked Betsy near the cliffs it was wonderful. We did other activities like : bowling, cinema, shopping, museums, cooking, mini-golf, picking fruit in a farm, swimming-pool, we went to the beach, and to the park in front of the house.

Ella is an excellent cook. For breakfast, we had slices of toast, cereals, milk, fruit juice, cocoa with milk,… For lunch, we habitually had toasted sandwiches, pizzas, salad, cheese, bread, sausages, ham,… For dinner it was always a big one : delicious soup, rice, meat, pasta, carrots, tomatoes, cutlets, mashed potatoes, chicken, ratatouille,… But we also tasted thai chicken.

Some evenings , Ella proposed us to watch a film with the all family !

The Dingley have got a dog called Betsy she is a nice dog and we can play with her in the garden. There is also a lot of games in the garden but also in the house !!!

Our English is better now, we made very good progress with Ella ! We hope this text will encourage you to come to Margate !

Ophelie and Josephine




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