Our two fantastic weeks with Ella

Hello everybody !
-My name is Anna. I’m  from Japan, in Tokyo. I’m 11 years old.
– I’m Elise, I live in France, in Cherbourg and I’m 13 years old.
We both went in Margate, in Kent at Ella’s home. She was our teacher for this two weeks.
Her, her husband Jim, her daughters Alexandra and Alena and her dog Betsy was really, really nice.
We did a lot of things, such as tennis, mini-golf, shopping. We also visited Deal castle, Walmer castle and Dover castle. Dover Castle was the most impressive.
We went to the folk festival of Broadstairs, saw a film in the cinema, visited some museums, went to the Canterbury Cathedral and visited the Shell grotto of Margate.
The last one was a grotto with only shells : on the ceiling, on the walls, everywhere !
Absoluty beautiful !
And finally we saw an exhibition of Mondrian. It was very interesting ! And it was his real paintings !!!

But this is about the excursions ! Because every morning, we had lessons : 3 hours every days. But her lessons was interesting : we did a lot of language games… For example, we had to mime some situations, to memorise some pictures,etc…
So we enjoyed our lessons.

And her house was huge and nice. We had a lot of fun with Betsy the dog who liked have tans. Ella also have a table to play table tennis and a piano.

So we had a really good time with Jim (who was very nice), Ella (who was very funny) and Alexandra (who played table tennis and computer games with us ). Alena was with us just for a couple of days, so we don’t really know her…

And we forgot to tell that we baked two cakes : a poppy cake and a chocolate cake. They were both exquisite !

So we loved our course with Ella and her family. We recommend it !!!DSC07710 DSC07712 DSC07713 IMG_1035 IMG_1048

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