One month in Poole.

My name is Andrey and I am a 15 year old Russian student. I went to Poole in August and was there till the 31st of August. It was a very nice month! on fourth of  August my, new family met me at their house near to the sea shore, they were very friendly and asked me about how I felt every hour, that was quite annoying, but that is much better than if they didn’t ask me at all. The next day  my adventures started. We  went to the sea on the boat and spent a lot of time on it. There was a yacht club near their house, so I saw lots of different boats and the whole harbour from their boat called “Lazy bones” It is a very nice boat with engine, but also a jib and a mainsail. After that trip Jenny(My teacher) told me all the words which described the boat and the sea. The next day we went, as I remember, along the beach for 7 kilometres and that was great, of course after that I knew all the words describing beaches, fields and mountains. There were a lot of interesting trips nearly every days, so I enjoyed them a lot and expanded my vocabulary! We went on bikes for a long trips and that was great! I played table tennis with other boys, usually lost, but that was great too because I love nearly all the games. I also played rounders and swam in the sea. There were a lot of exciting things, like picking mulberries, so I climbed up the tree and collected the best ones, while Jenny and her friends below.I didn’t have a box to collect those berries so I threw them into Jenny’s box and sometimes they squeezed and mulberry juice flew everywhere. After picking we were all covered in juice, we were like from the slaughter house because the juice was bright red! And without washing we went to a supermarket…. Everyone looked at us carefully! We also went to some shows, an Agricultural show called the Melplash show. It was my first trip to England and the first trip alone. I liked it very much and will come there next year, because it is very good for learning English and its very interesting too!

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