Our family is very cool. There are two children : Andrew and Emma. Andrew is 12 years old, he is realy fun and we can do a lot of activités with him !

Emma is 8 years old, she is very cute and nice !

Derrick is the father of the family ,he is realy kind 

Daniela is the mother, she is a very good teacher and a very good cooker ! Daniela is very very Nice !


The food :

A lot of people say, the English food is not healthy but, in our family the food is healthy and Daniela do a lot of homemade food!


The accommodation:

With lena/charlotte we have a big bedroom with two confortable beds, a sofa, a cupboard, a fridge and a bathroom!

The house is very big, in the garden there are a swing , a trampoline,a paddling pool and a littel pond with froggs and fishes !



With our family we did a lot of activities: we wént to the pool, to London and to Cambridge, we visited a lot of muséums and gardens , and we did a lot of shopping !

We also played a lot in the garden 




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