Neus’ stay in Wallingford

Hello, my name’s Neus, I’m a thirteen-year-old spanish girl. I’ve spent three weeks in a very nice town near Oxford called Wallingford. I’ve stayed  with a flawless family and a french girl called Colette. She was very nice, kind, and great fun. Last summer I came here, in the same  time with the same family and I enjoyed so much, that this year I’ve come back.

In my opinion living this experience is the best way of improving your English in the same way you have great fun with an English family. I’ve enjoyed the afternoon outings, each has been different. The way our teacher, Shân taught us make the three hours of lessons very interesting, funny and go very quickly. No question that I enjoyed Saturday outings, we went to Kew Gardens, that was lovely!! And Andrew’s food was the best English food I’ve ever eaten, and I’m not exagerating at all!!

But the thing Iiked the most is the way Shân and Andrew treated us: as one of their family.


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