My unforgettable two weeks in St.Albans

I want to say thank Kate Irving and her family. Thanks to them I not only improved my English, but for the rest of the trip I was surrounded by a warm, caring, comfort.
So, my name Diana, I’m from Ukraine and I’m 15. I stayed in St.Albans with Kate and Peter 2 weeks.During this time I had time to visit many places such as London, Cambridge( we visited Cambridge university and there were 30 colleges) Canterbury, Whitstable, Broadstairs. Each trip was memorable. But the most interesting moments we spent in National Gallery, Watercolor gallery, Globe Theatre ( we saw play “Blue Stockings” about feminism).
nd we had unforgettable trip in Canterbury with Hannah (Kate’ daughter) and Thieboult(Hannah’ boyfriend). I never met such a warm and sincere company! All the time we spent together, traveling, and after dinner we spend our time for games! When we were in Canterbury we visited a Cathedral, then we went in a nearby towns (Whitstable and Broadstairs) and saw the sea, it’s amazing. And there I tried a English dish “Fish and chips” We also visited the wedding of Emma&Fred. The wedding was very beautiful! And i have a chance to practice my English with guests.
During all my time with Kate, she introduced me to all her family and her neighbors. Sometimes we all had dinners together.</div>
“Learning is a journey not a destination” told me Kate, and it’s true!!
Thank you for everything! I will never forget this 2 weeks.
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