My Trip to Liverpool

I spent an amazing week in Liverpool. It is such a beautiful city!
What did I enjoy the most?
I enjoyed every excursions in the city but especially the excursion to the cavern where the Beatles used to play. They played like 292 times and you still can feel their spirit in the place. This bar is like a time machine: you get down the stairs and arrived in the 60s. It is so cool!
The Beatles museum is to Liverpool what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: you have to visit it. It is very fun and interesting. I had never been in the yellow submarine before I came there and it is such an experience!
The family I have been living with was very welcoming. Jenny is a marvellous cook and teacher and Austin is such a good guide and also a Beatles encyclopedia. They were very nice to me. Annie, Sam and Adam were very cool too. I really enjoyed my time here with all of them.


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