My stay in Warwick

lourdes 2  lourdes

I was a little worried about staying two weeks one-to-one with a unknown teacher in her house. Im too used to being independent to stay in a place where I can’t have free time for me. Actually, all my doubts disappeared during my stay in Teresa’s house.

I think is a good idea and I would recommend any other person to come here, learning English and enjoying the company of Teresa and her friends. It’s very interesting to know Warwick with its park, its river, its castle, etc. You can walk, run, take a boat along the river, go cycling, shopping and visit this lovely town.

It’s also interesting to make visits to other towns, like Leamington, Stratford (Shakespeare’s  Birthplace),…. Warwick is near many other interesting places like Oxford (only to forty minutes by train), Birmingham,.etc..

Near home you can go to the cinema, visit some pubs; you can enjoy eating different kind of meals (Chinese, Indian, Thai, Catalan, French, Italian,..); you can take picnics beside the river, see theatre, museum.

In the last weekend of July, you can enjoy The Folk Festival in the town, where different singers from all over England come to Warwick to entertain the town with their voices.


During my stay in Warwick  I have had enough time to do all I have wanted. We have worked hardfive hours a day but the classes have been varied and very entertaining.  It has been a good period not only to learn English but to relax, go out of your routine and think. Staying in Teresa’s house I could learn the customs of English people, their food, the relationships between friends, their culture and their particular kind of treatment of eachother, kind, polite and with big respect. I have participated (for a short time) with her social life in different activities. I have been able have conversations in the shops, train station, post office that have helped me and my progress. I have been able to prove that people try to do  things easily and comfortably..   Lourdes Camp Casals July/August 2011

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