My stay in Upton Magna

       Hi to everyone!

I’m Cristina, I’m 15 nearly 16 and I’m from Madrid, Spain.

I want to tell everyone my experience on this course. I had spent my time in a village near Shrewsbury, called Upton Magna. I’ve stayed with a family. Mike and Julieanne are the parents and she is my teacher, they’ve 4 children: Sian, Dan, Ben and Emily.  Also I’ve stayed with Morgane, a French girl.

Talking about the lessons we had 4 hours each morning except weekends that we have less. The lessons start at 9 and finished at 1 but nevertheless it’s not hard to have them because we have games, presentations, different types of exercises and obviously some breaks… So it’s 100% very good. One time we were having a lesson and the cat joined us!


After lunch we have free time, if it’s sunny I usually go outside with Morgane to sunbathe! Later we choose a film or if we have something planned we go for it! For example, we made cookies (delicious), painted a picture with the help of an artist, if not it’s impossible!, made a tile, made a flower and bunting in craft workshop, also in clay-modelling I tried to make a dog but it was very difficult and I was a little bit frustrated! We went to the cinema to see Jurassic world, visited Ironbridge, Telford… and so many things!!.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA









One day we went on a picnic and we could see a very good view of Shrewsbury, also the scenery was awesome!IMG_6117IMG_5809

Another day we went to a dog show, the fete was very good. We could participate in many events, and also we won a Rosette!

In the fete there were many dogs who jumped through the ring.

Also there was a Barn Owl that I could hold, a Samba band, and a lot of stores where we bought presents! It was so funny.








On another day, in the afternoon we went to visit the Bell tower, the only drawback was the spiders! The view was amazing!!! And OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe could see all the village and the surrounding land. We took some photos.


In conclusion, the experience is one that I would like to repeat!!

Thanks for all the fun! I’ve enjoyed it a lot!




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