My stay in Shrewsbury

My name is Bohdan. I have study holiday in Shrewsbury for two weeks with my teacher Julieanne and family.  The time was very quick and I had great time. It was amazing.

I play computer games for vocabulary and grammar and it is better now. I like the lessons on the computer. It is fun. Speaking and listening is in the lesson, but we cooked meals and I had snacks if I want and was not hungry.  I had wifi so I could play games and skype family, but it was not in bedroom.

I enjoy the family visits to Shrewsbury Town football game. We did bowling and went to Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury so I got presents for my family and fixed my phone. It was a study holiday and I go back to boarding school so I get a haircut. I want that I can come for study holiday another time..


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