My Stay in England

Hello,  my name is Andrea and I’m Spanish. I came to England on the first of July with my cousin Diego. When we arrived to the airport we were separated. I went with my family and he went with his family. During my stay here, I have been to play badminton with Millard, Ben and Georgy, sometimes I won. It’s very enjoyable. Also I have been to see the museum of the Beatles and the museum of ships in  Liverpool, the museum of football in Manchester and the museum of glass in St.Helens. The museum are very interesting. Then, we have been shopping to Manchester two times with Diego’s family. I bought some presents for all my family in Spain. We have  been shopping to Liverpool too but only with my family. And on the same day that we went to Liverpool shopping we saw the cathedral of Liverpool. I like it because my family  in Spain is religious. On Sundays, we often go to the church. The cathedral is very beautiful and interesting. I have met to Ben’s friends, they’re very nice. Also my cousin Diego and me have been to Water Park in Blackpool. It’s very funny. Rachel and me were shopping in St.Helens. Ben, Georgy and me went to see at the cinema the film Spiderman. I love the protagonist of the film. The film is very nice, I like it very much. My family and me went to Judy’s house for dinner. Judy is the mother of Diego in England, I have a good time. Millard, Georgy and me went to the circus, I love the circus, I was dancing, It was very very funny. I have a good time here. I miss my family in Spain  but I will be sad to leave this family. The family Parkinson.

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