My stay in Bournemouth

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These last three weeks I’ve been living in Bournemouth. It is a peaceful village at the south of England, it has a beach, a shopping centre, cinemas…


I’m a fifteen years Spanish girl and I’ve made a one-to-one course with the family, my teacher was Daniel. They live in a house in a big neighbourhood that has parks, schools, some shops like Tesco express…


I can say the food is great. Maybe if you are not get used to eat vegetables and those things, it can seem too “healthy”, but anyway you can go out and eat at McDonalds. But then you will see that vegetables are better than you thought they were.


Apart from the classes, we have done some activities to improve my English. I have watched a lot of films and TV series as well, and it really helps to learn some vocabulary and know how the people really speak (colloquial expressions). We also have gone for a walk a lot of times to practise my spoken English, like once we went to Poole’s park. I went to de swimming pool too.


On Sunday, I went to a service at a church twice during my stay. I went with my friend Marta that was also doing a course here. Then we usually went shopping and had a walk down the town centre.


In conclusion, I’ve had a good time here as I’ve also improved my English.

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