My Living Learning English Course in August 2012 at Bear House Farm (Wedmore, Somerset, UK)

My name is Lucia and I am from Germany and I am seventeen years old.

I stayed at Bear House Farm for 2 weeks.

Before I arrived in Great Britain I was very excited. It is always exciting to be in a foreign country and meet foreign people with another culture. On a Sunday I arrived at Bristol and my teacher, Shona Brown, picked me up at the airport in Bristol. It was very easy to find her because she was holding a Living-Learning-English sign with my name. She drove us to her home, Bear House Farm.

Bear House Farm is a very lovely farm one mile away from Wedmore. It has a very big garden with nice places to relax. At Bear House Farm lives a very friendly and old Golden Retriever and near the house there sometimes lives a horse.

The house has very nice furniture and my room was very comfortable. You’re welcome to use a computer (internet), the television, the radio or the newspapers. In addition Shona has a lot of interesting films and a piano.

My host family is very friendly. My English teacher, Shona is very friendly and she tells you lots of interesting things. Her husband, John is very nice, too, and with him you can talk a lot. He knows a lot about history and much more…  Fortunately they speak slowly (when you don’t understand them and they explain words you don’t know).

I think my English lessons are very instructive and interesting. Shona’s teaching methods are very good because the lessons are very rich in variety. I did writing, listening, reading, watching (films), discussing, presenting, speaking, pronunciation…. tasks. The subjects of my lessons had always been very interesting. My lessons have never been boring. At my first lesson, Shona evaluated my level of English and she completed with me a study plan. In addition I got my own course book and my workbook which I can take with home (to continue studying 😉 ). Living Learning English gave me also useful language information, notes about British customs and some other things. I also had to do some homework but the homework was very interesting and I think it was very instructive, too.

In the afternoons I usually made some trips with Shona. We went twice to Bristol (they have very nice old buildings there (e.g. Georgian House Museum) and a lot of shops 😉 ), to Bath (the museum about the Roman Baths was one highlight, in Bath lived Jane Austen), to Wells (there is a Gothic cathedral with a astronomic clock), a few times to Wedmore (a lovely village near Bear House Farm), to an outdoor pool (luckily I had a few warm days in Great Britain but most of the time the weather was cloudy and rainy)…….. .

I really liked my Living Learning English course and I would recommend my course teacher and my host family to you. My Living Learning English course was great! Unfortunately my two weeks passed too quickly. I was very happy with my host family.

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