My last diary – Poole

I want to tell you about my two weeks with the Jackson family.  It was a wonderful and amazing two weeks.  I really love this family.  They are really cute, funny, understanding and sincere.  Every day was different.  We always went somewhere.  I met a lot wonderful people. Jayne has very good friends and a lovely mum. I visited a lot of places, for example, Zumba, a lot of cafes, the shops, the beach, different towns, the cinema and the zoo. I don’t remember a day when I was sad. I was always smiling and laughing. Jayne spent a lot of time with us.  We were always together.  We dyed our hair, played UNO and joked together.  It was really cool.


Every day we had lessons, but these were not boring J.  We read a lot, talked, listened to music and wrote essays.  I learned a lot of new things.  When I arrived my English was much worse than now.  I always practiced with Jayne, because when we talked, she corrected my mistakes.  I always wrote down new words and in the next day I used sentences with these words.  I was really happy when I wrote my diary every day because my dairy got better every day more and more.  At first I made a lot of mistakes, but Jayne said that “Mistakes this is very good, its OK, I like mistakes”.  I always said what I wanted to, not afraid, because I knew that this family understood me.  When I had a problem with my friends, the next day I talked about this problem with Jayne.  She always listened and supported.  I want to say thanks to this family and Jayne for this emotion and happiness.  I hope we’ll meet again.  I know we’ll meet.


Always in my heart and mind.


Kate xxx

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