My home tuition experience in Oxford

I have had a wonderful study holiday in Oxford. I was so pleased be placed in the Tilley family. Elaine is a brillant teacher. She and her husband Patrick helped me to increase my level of English rapidly. When I arrived I had the Upper Intermediate level of English and only two weekshave  passed and I`m happy to say that I`m Advanced now. I didn`t  expect such  rapid progress.

As for the living conditions it could hardly be better. The house is near to the centre and I was provided a modern bicycle to cycle around. I have been staying for two weeks  in a lovely en suite room.

My teacher Elaine is not only a good teacher but a brilliant host as well. She loves cooking and  every day  I was pleased to taste  different delicious food.

As for the excursions programme I had a  great choice of destinations. It`s not my first time of going to England and I was happy to discover new places which are wider than the usual excursions programme.

I would like to mention the great social activities we had  within this fortnight. It was  fantastic indeed. We listened to Jazz in Oxford Blue Pub and picked blackberries in the countryside. I had the  marvelous experience of drinking a cup of tea in a cozy British  tea room in Bounton on the Water  where it seemed that nothing has changed since the 18th Century and it was exactly 5 o`clock tea. The most impressive thing for me was the invitation to a private movie and the joint birthday party where about 80 of the best people of Oxford were gathered  I would never have had this experience If I hadn`t taken  a home tuition course.

I am lucky being in a hot point of  British history. I was here in England when the referendum about Scotland`s independance was held.

One thing more. My teacher Elaine managed to make a very flexible schedule for me.I was able to combine doing business at a distance with  my studying which was very useful.

So, thank you so much, Elaine and Patrich for treating me as a dear  guest and helping to achieve an incredible progress in English.

I am very gratetful to Living Learning English for this wonderful opportunaty to take the home tuition  course especially with Elaine and Patrick in Oxford.


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