This journey has been my first time that I’ve gone to England. It was very interesting and I think that my level of english has increased. I’ve visited a lot of places. I’ve gone to shopping with my partner and Cathie’s daughter,eaten a lot of foods different to my country,visited other parts of England for example Canterbury,Ramsgate and Whitstable,learned to listen a language and got by with a language…I’ve done a lot of things more as go to swimming pool,to Sandwich with my partner ,to London,to a musical of Harriet’s school,to the cinema for see Spiderman,watch the match of football in the Final Cup between Spain and Italy,cook cakes,see the Olympic Torch,watch a lot of films in English…

The thing that I like more is when we went to London,because I wanted to visit London and see the Big Ben,the London Eye,the Buckingam Palace.I enjoyed them! When l arrived to London,l couldn’t believe that l visited London!My partner Zarina has been very nice and a very good partner.l think that we’ve had a friendship and we can speak on facebook.Kathie looks after me very well and in these weeks she has been my ”second mum”.She has tried a lot to teach me.I give her the thanks for everything.These three weeks l’ve enjoyed and l’m very happy to come here.l’ve been very lucky! l hope that the next year will be as this year or better.

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