My holiday in Blackwell ! So good !!


My name is Timothy LAMBERT. I’m 19 years old and I live in Le Mans (in France)

For 2 weeks I lived in a English Family in Blackwell (small city near Birmingham) and it was so funny and interesting. There was to a Spanish boy. The name of my teacher is Helen WESTLAKE (and his husband Piers). I was so good welcomed and as soon as the first day, the family tried to de-emphasize me. You have 2 or 3 hours of lessons per day but don’t worry ! It’s so fun because teacher tried to adapt his lesson in function of your difficulty. If you don’t understand, he tried to repeat, repeat and repeat. If you have particular problem about grammar, conjugation or tense, he found lesson then exercises to improve your language.

And sometime, the teacher suggest activity that you can do a half day or a full day. For example, I visited :

– Oxford whis his universities (I did puntting with all the family, like on the picture)

– Birmingham (the city, the Sealife (aquarium), his Biggest library))

– Harvington Hall :

– Royal Air Force Museum:

– Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Garden :

– Stratford

– Worcester

Brief, this family was so kind and open-minded. I recommended you this family. She was so perfect and lovely !

It was a very pleasant journey in United-Kingdom and I hope that you will live the same luck !

Don’t hesitate if you have questions !! I am available =)

By 🙂


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