My first time in the UK


My name is SAKURAKO. I’m Japanese.  I stayed 3 weeks in St Albans with KATE and PETER.

I visited London, Whipsnade Zoo, Jazz concert, opera, etc.

Peter taught me about the history of St Albans.  Peter is a walking dictionary!!!

I went to Cambridge. I was surprised at the Mathematical Bridge. Because it was first built without bolts or nuts!! it’s just wood. In the library, I saw Newton’s hairs, his note, etc.

I visited Harry Potter Studio with Kate. It was beautiful and amazing!!! I tried butter beer. But it was too sweet for me. I stayed there about 5 hours!!!

Every Wednesday, we went to a concert to listen to different music.

After the concert, we went to a pub to speak with Kate’s friends.

They are very kind and friendly!!!

I had good fun to stay in Kate’s house!!

My conversation progressed more than I hoped !!

Harry PotterDeer at WhipsnadeJazz concertEvery WednesdayWalking in the countryside

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