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working in my lesson
working in my lesson


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Hello My name is Juan, I am 11 nearly 12,  I’m  from ‘Madrid in Spain.  I want to talk abut how I enjoyed this course.first of all I want to talk about the lessons because I liked them so much.  April was my teacher she  talk to us about the history of Wales, about  Gelert, Lovespoons  and the traditional food of Wales like Bara Birth .The lessons start  early and then we have lunch and then we go to a different place every day .  We went to Cardiff and I made pottery for my mother.  April teach us to carve and then print, I made a flower for my mother, we put it in a frame. We went to Ogmore Castle and jumped over the very old stepping stone, this was very beautiful.  April has two dog, Lily and Darcy, we took them for a walk in the pushchair, I did not push!!   On Monday we went to the stadium of the team Swans in SWANSEA and to the Wales museum ohhhhh I loved it .On Tuesday we went to the water park so coooool in Spain where I live  we haven’t got this……… let’s talk about the food April likes cooking I can remember the dinner of the first day we had Sunday family meal….. Then the lessons are 100% very good, games, competitions and a little bit of homework for the next day …. April ask you.  what do you want you to improve  of course I said the pronunciation  uhhhhhh.  For Spanish people it it very difficult.  I enjoyed this experience, the mo

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