My 3rd trip to England.

JasperimageMy 3rd trip to England.

I really enjoyed it. We went to Bristol, twice to London,to Madame Tussaud’s museum, to the London Eye, to Windsor castle, to the swimming pool, to the horses, to the cinema.
At my host family lives mother Donna, father Peter, daughter Charlotte, son Andrew, and very funny and cute dog Jasper. They are all very friendly, beautiful and fun.
My partner’s name is Lucia, she is from Spain and 14 years old. She is nice and we became friends.
I enjoyed when we were walking with Jasper in the morning and playing games, because we were talking a lot. I think that talking is the best language practice.
My two dreams came true. One of them was to visit the Madame Tussaud’s museum, and other was to visit the London Eye.
Songs that will always be associated with this trip : John Legend – All Of Me, Ed Sheeran – Sing, Rixton – Me And My Broken Heart. I will miss you. I promise that I will come again.
It was my best trip to England, thank you.
Polina xx

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