Long-lasting Friends


Just two weeks ago, I happily returned back home from Rushden, England. This happiness mainly routed in the satisfied feeling of having made four new friends. Family Robb from Rushden with the extremely experienced English teacher, Chris, his warm-hearted wife, Fernanda, baking astounding chocolate cakes and their two lovely children, Ashleigh and Chris (“Junior”) constantly contributed to harmony and great fun over the entire course of two weeks. From the first day on, I felt secure and welcome.


Originally planned as an English preparation for university and the TOEFL test, my stay in Rushden turned into a wonderful holiday experience. The quality of teaching was amazing so that I felt extremely well prepared for my TOEFL which later on had been successful. Meeting lots of family friends gave me numerous opportunity to communicate in English. Furthermore, spending a weekend in Bournemouth with more family friends from Brazil, I got to know a highly interesting insight in their colorful culture.


Looking back onto these two weeks, it does not seem irrational that family Robb has so many friends. They are simply lovely to everyone. That is why I am so glad and thankful to have met them.


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