Jill and Johanna in Ella’s family


First of all we have to say, that we’ve made so many experience here. Our host family welcomed us by the first day and during those weeks we felt like family members. We felt so good all these days. This was an unforgettable time for us. We saw their different way of life and got into their daily routine. Every day they picked us to a different place of Margate. They showed us so many things. We’ve visited some castles, cathedrals, an art gallery, different places to be, like Canterbury or Brodstairs, we went shopping, we went to the sea and to a swimming pool, we went to Dreamland and at last we saw a breathtaking firework.IMG_6226IMG_6106IMG_6187 And during the day also had our privacy and some time for ourselves. They invested so much time for us. It was just a perfect exercise for us, because we had to speak and hear all the time english and because of this is was so easily for us get into this language. We’ve some memories and experience,  which we’re not going to forget so far. Ella’s such a friendly and lovingly person. We really like her way of teaching.


She has such a good combination of oral and writing exercises and she always has always taken us seriously. She has a solution for every problem and she always has an open ear. The meals were always very tastily prepared and it was so delicious. So we’re definitely going to miss this time!


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