I had a great time

Hi there guys, today I’m gonna tell you my experience with Living Learning English.

I had a very good time during my stay in London. I mean, the first day wasn’t even over and I already knew my level of english wasn’t as good as I thought. Yet, I learned a lot.  The family I was in was simply awesome. They were funny, specially their son. We watched movies, Game of Thrones, played Risk…

And then there’s London. That city exposed itself before me… and I wasn’t able to live up to it. It let me in… and I lost myself inside it. Soho is the most bizarre place I’ve ever been , and Oxford Street is the best shopping street ever. Or at least it was, because it’s been three months since I left and now everything has changed again. But at the end that doesn’t matter. What matters is London. I saw it just as it is: a beautiful city full of life… of people… of things to do…

Anyway, that was basically my trip. It was really great. You should try.



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