Great holiday in Cambridge


When I arrived I was very impressed by the beauty of the house.

First of all I went to my bedroom, it was very big!
Garonce my colleg  already arrived by that time.
The bedroom has a three windows and two on the windows had view on the garden.
The room is very bright.
In the bedroom there is also a confortable bathroom.
The living room is very very big and there are some DVD, books,a big TV and a sofa of relax . The garden is beautiful.
In the garden there’s a trampoline, there is also a small pond with fish swings and there a small porch with under one hammock and a small table.

Usually we eat outside ( I prefer eat outside because it’s meravilleuse!)EXCURSION

I’m very happy because I love the excursion.
The first day we went to Cambridge, where we saw a very beautiful building that has lots  porcelain and paintings the name of building is FIZ WILIAM  museum where we saw a painting of monè and Matis.
After that we went to PEAMBROKE COLEGE.The  college is very big is kept very well with many plants  where you could eat , study and relax.
After that we went to st Mary’s.
On the second day we went to London and we saw the London aquarium. It’s beautiful!!
After that we toke a to boat and we see the big beng, London Eye and a lot of interesting place and a tower bridge.
It was wonderful.
The third day we went to wimpool estate.
The garden is beautiful there are a loro of flowers and there was also a farmhouse with horses, pigs and a hens! There was also a very big house. It is beautiful!

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