I’M Curro, i have been living in Cudridge ( a village near southampton ) for fifteen days, i have done a lot of things like visiting London, Southampton, Portmouth, The Dock Yards, going crabbing, shopping, bowling.I like to collect energy drink cans, so some afternoons i have gone to huge supermarkets with Georgina. I have enjoyed the “familiy time” too! i have played wii, ps3,  table games, cooking delicious recepies, rugby, kayaking and more exaiting things! i have try typicall english meals like fish and chips, mash potatoes, sausages… i have cooked some indian food too.

this have been my second year with Learning English and i’m sure that i am going to repeat, it has been one of the best experiences in my life! i recomend this to everybody!


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