Gill, teacher Brighton

Teacher, Gill Stephens, has a great experience and she really knows to adapt lessons and teacher methods to the needs to the student. She has motivated me in my learning process and in adition to the day-to-day lessons, she has been able to detect my limitations and boundaries. She helped me to work out a teaching training in the long term. I am absolutely delighted for her help. She is, certainly, the best English teacher that I have ever had.

Thanks to Gill I have achieved to improve my English skills and to gain more self confidence. I am very satisfied with the progress made. Excellent!

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  1. I was two weeks in brighton for a English Course. It was a lucky to be with Gill!!!.
    She is able to maneged your requirements, adapts to your level and she gives learning assurances.
    She also is lovely, sympathetic and very clever woman.
    I would recommend like teacher if you wanted to improve your english skills

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