Four weeks in Margate

fruit picking IMG_0043 DSC_0151 Andrey and shark IMG_0145 IMG_0144 painting a pot

Hello! My name is Andrey. I am 10 years old but when I came to Ella I was nine. Margate is very interesting place. I didn’t realized it when I came here. Our routine goes like this: first I wake up at 8 am. I have my breakfast then I get ready for my lesson. After that at 9 o’clock I have three hours of lessons. I have breaks every hour. Ella is always cooking something very yummy. After lunch I have 20 minutes in my bed. After that I have an activity. I have been in all interesting places in Thanet. I saw Wingham Wildlife Park and Dover Castle. I like it very much. Then I come home. I write my diary. After I finish my diary I have dinner. Then I watch a movie. While I’m watching the movie, I am eating ice cream, berries and other fruit.
The places I like most of all are Dreamland, Pottery Art Studio, and the beach – it’s my favourite.
Ella’s food that I like most of all is chicken pies, pasta, and cherry tomatoes. The movies I liked most of all are Chicken Run, Madagascar and Tangled.
In my lessons I learned from present simple to present perfect and past simple, and we used an English book to study. I made two presentations about my trips. When my sister joined me we were having English language competitions. I learned many new words.
I enjoyed the time in England very much.

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