Four amazing weeks in oxford

Hello. This is Mikhail. I come from Russia. I’m 17. I stayed in Oxford for 4 weeks. I had 4 hours of lesson each day. My teacher was very qualified.  Our lessons were very interesting and fascinating. My English has improved much. I learned a lot of new vocabulary and constructions. I had many interesting conversations with my host family. For our meals I tried a lot of different food, prepared by Elaine. I also learned how to prepare some such as baking bread and preparing panna cotta.

I had many interesting afternoon activities like visiting museums, watching films in the cinema and cycling. I also went to London twice and to Thorpe park (a theme park near London). For the 3 weeks I lived with a boy from Spain. I spend a lot of great times with him improving my language. Thanks Tilley family and Living Learning English.

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