English week in St. Albans

фотография(1) P1080068 The Queens' College Cambridge P1080070 Isaac Newton's window and apple tree, Trinity College P1080069 St John's College P1080072 Kings College Cambridge

Hi, I’m Olga and I’m from Russia. I went to the UK to improve my English speaking skills.

I was very lucky because I stayed in St. Albans with the awesome family – Kate and Peter. They are very hospitable and open-minded people.

Kate and Peter took me to visit St. Albans, London and Cambridge. The last was a really amazing! I saw a lot of sights as well as not so typical for tourists places. Kate and Peter are excellent guides!

Also, I had 5 hours table lessons per day and it was good to remember what I forgot and to learn new.

Unfortunately, I was there only for one week, but I improved my English a lot. Many thanks for Kate!

I highly recommend all to take an English course with LLE and Kate!

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