English in Wales

Hi, my name is Yvonne and I spent 3 lovely weeks in the home of my hosts, David and Diane. Their cottage is in the countryside and around 20km away from the next big town. They have been very friendly and integrated me in their daily life. I also joined their friends and family. Diane is an excellent cook and so I was indulged with delicious vegetarian meals. Every day I went for a walk with the family’s very friendly dog; therefore, we got very close. We visited many very interesting places: Powis Castle, an estuary, a tourist attraction called King Arthur’s Labyrinth, the seaside, Shrewsbury, Chester and a lot more.

My teacher didn’t only teach me English, I also received an impression of Welsh culture. I learnt a lot about Wales and could improve my English. Apart from the very rainy weather, it was a wonderful time and I will miss the green of Wales, the sheep and the friendly people.

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