Egor and Hugo in Margate

My name is Egor .I am 12.I am from Russia.

My name is Hugo .I am 11 years old .I from France.

I was with Ella’s family 3 weeks.

I was with Ella’s family 2 weeks.

We were together 2 weeks.

In the morning we had breakfast and we start the lessons.

In lessons we played learning games, work with words and with our student’s books.

We had lunch at 14h00 and we went somewhere, example, dreamland, Hornby museum, castles, swimming pool, mini golf and cinema, badminton, Canterbury, Canterbury cathedral. Hornby museum is our favourite

We write our diary and do our homework.

In the evening we had dinner and we watched films example Aladdin, Sherlock, Alex Rider, Ratatouille, Skyfall, Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, Madagascar 1.I, Egor,  walked with Betsy, the dog, and Jim, and I swam in the sea.

I love my holiday, maybe in the next year I will come here again.

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