Do you want to meet Braveheart?

Hi, my name is Joan and I’m from Barcelona. I did a 3 week Living Learning English course in Scotland and it has gone really quickly because there are lotsof thnigs you can do here in Tealing. You can play tennis in a nice tennis court, you can play  table tennis, you can relax, you can swim, you can go for a walk, if you like walking this is your place.

However, the most awesome thing about Scotland is the scenery; when you go north you find less people, less houses, less villages and it all becomes really amazing: wild rivers in the middle of forests, squirrels, deer, dogs, lots of different types of birds and more animals. If you like animals, this is your place.

Edinburgh, the capital is also a really nice city. It is the perefct size (it’s quite small compared to other cities). The best time to come is in August because of the Edinburgh festival. Although I must warn you that the city becomes really crowded, it’s still nice. Lots of sightseeing: the castle, the Scottish parliament,…

It is a good place to visit and it really looks like New Zealand, so…What are you waiting for?

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