Crazy Crick Family

We’re Flora and Sara and we spent 3 weeks with Kate Irving in St Albans.

It was an amazing experience because we did lots of activities and we also met a lot of people.

We went to London with Peter (Kate’s husband) the first time and he took us to the most famous museums and places. Luckily we also spent 5 hours in Oxford & Regent Streets.

We spent a day in Brighton too enjoying the beautiful weather while eating fish and chips.

Then we were able to go to London independently, discovering the city in our own way.

Apart from these trips, we also did activities like visits to the cinema, concerts, a local Folk Evening, the Crown Court, Pots of Arts, cooking, shopping in the city, having brunch in the Waffle House, tea under the tree with neighbours etc.

We had a great time together improving our English and having fun!

We recommend going to Kate Irving!!!

DSC01968DSC01892 IMG_2568DSC01895.3 IMG_2570DSC01745 IMG_2509  at the Odyssey for Thelma and Louise, and with Sally & Sarah & KP too, 4.07DSC02141 IMG_2611  Six Bells lunchDSC02160DSC02295 IMG_2708DSC02311.6 IMG_2734 after Kimaya and Odyssey


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