My St Albans experience

During my half term holidays I went to Kate and Peter’s house to improve my writing skills. While staying at St Albans I visited local shops and I was pleased to know that they have my favourite shops such as River Island, New Look and of course Jack Wills. Also we went on a walk to Epping Forest which I found really exciting as I met lots of people and I had a chance to talk with them. I had an experience of visiting Wagamama with Kate’s family and we spent a fantastic time eating and gossiping. I spent a lovely time at Kate Irving’s house.

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A great week in Margate!

I spend a great week with my English family in Margate (Kent). I started the day I arrived and then I had a free day for a big excursion at Leeds Castle. My hope was to improve my pronunciation and to learn more vocabulary and I was completely satisfied. During the week, I had lesson and then my teacher and I visited all the big castles in the area such as Dover castle, Walmer Castle and Leeds castle. We also visited Canterbury and Margate. Fortunately, the weather was very nice! And I went to a swimming pool with waves which were very funny. My family was very nice and my teacher was very involved!

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My trip to England

Hi, my name is Sofia, I’m 15 years old. I was staying in England for 2 weeks with a nice family. We went to some interesting exsursions. The best trips were to London and Canterbury cathedral


Three weeks in Margate in July and August 2011

Hello, my name is Belen. I live in Madrid. I spent three weeks in Margate this summer. We went to the Shell Grotto and the new art gallery. I saw castles in Dover, Deal and Walmer and spent a whole day in Leeds Castle. It was very lovely. I spent a day in London. I went to Canterbury and saw the Cathedral and visited a haunted house. I visited Charles Dickens house in Broadstairs which is usually not open to the public and saw a torch-light procession in the folk festival there. I had a good time and learnt a lot of English.

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Two weeks in Bristol

Hello! My name is Bonnie. I am from China. I am 15. I stayed in Bristol for two weeks. It was very interesting because we went on trips to Bath and visited the Roman Baths. We went to the Suspension Bridge, the cinema, the shops and the museum. I learned about pronunciation, conversation, grammar and vocabulary. It was very good! I think my English is getting better. Now I’m going back to China. I miss my family very much!


Margate in November

My name is Dasha. I come from Minsk, Belarus. Today is exactly one month that I left Margate. I spent two weeks in Margate and this is what I remember. We made several excursions in the local area: around Margate old town, including the pier and the new Turner Contemporary Gallery. It was near this gallery that we saw the Queen when she visited Margate a few days later. We visited Dover Castle, including a tour of the wartime tunnels with the hospital and Dunkirk exhibitions, as well as the Great Tower and the Roman lighthouse. Together with my twin sister we visited the beautiful Leeds Castle. We spent a long time inside the castle itself, and then started on the grounds – the maze, where we found our way through the labyrinth and underground grotto, watched a bird display (with three storks – our national bird of Belarus), and looked at the amazing collection of exotic birds in the aviary and visited the dog collar museum there. We visited Canterbury Cathedral where we went to a service and listened to the boys’ choir singing. We watched Professor Heard’s Curious Victorian Magic Lantern Show which was held in Walpole Bay Hotel in Margate. There was a very special atmosphere: the people around us were all dressed in the costumes of Victorian Britain. We made a few trips to the nearest large shopping centre at Westwood Cross to buy some Christmas decorations. I watched the 3D film “The adventures of the Tin-tin” in the local cinema and went bowling with Ella’s younger daughter Alexandra. We also went to the Deal swimming pool with waves and a chute. I went for a dog walk with Jim and Rosa and took lots of photographs of the sea, beach and cliffs with my special camera.

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Hoilday in England

Hi, my name is Allen. I’m 17.I’m from china. I enjoyed my holiday in whitstable. My best experiance was new year eve in London and christmas market in London. I stayed with a nice family and I studied a lot.



My first staying in the UK


My name is Olga and I’m from Ukraine. I really enjoyed my five weeks’ course with Kate. Staying with her family was excellent. Kate’s husband Peter and their children Jonathan, Lucy and Hannah are very friendly and cheerful. I like the methods of teaching, it’s never boring during the lessons and every day I could find out something new about the life in the UK. Also I enjoyed excursions to London and Cambridge. These cities are very beautiful and their history is very interesting. So I think this course was very useful for me English, I improved it and now can feel myself a bit more confident.


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My name is Armel. I am a French student coming to learn English. I passed a very nice time with the family, a great experience I will never forget. We visited Bath with the Roman Baths and Bristol where we visited the SS great Britain and had a nice time shopping. I would like to say thank you to the family who always helped me when I had any difficulties and welcomed me in this beautiful house