The stay in Cottenham

We are Rofl and Gueni we are both from Germany. We are 14 years old and we go to grade 8 in the same class. We are staying in Cottenham near Cambridge for two weeks with Daniela and her family


The Family is very polite and friendly. Daniela has to children Andrew who is twelve years and Emma who is eight years old. Her husband Deryck is also very polite and he took us to the Duxford Museum.


We had together a big and nice room upstairs. We also had a own bathroom. The house is very big and it has a nice garden. The food we ate was very delicious and healthy and we enjoyed it.

Our trips:

In the first week we did every day a trip. We drove 3 times to Cambridge and on Thursday we went with Deryck to the Duxford Museum. On Sunday we drove to London and the we went on a boat trip, to the London Eye and to the British Museum.


We  really enjoyed our stay  at Daniela’s house and we hope if you decide to come to LLE and stay at Daniela’s house you will have that great experience too.



Viktoriia Tkachenko

Hello my name is Viktoriia and I’m 13.This is my last day in Pewsey with family.I really liked the time I was here. I enjoyed every trip with my family, my best trip was to London. We went a play called The Christmas Carol in London and I liked it very much. Also we did some shopping and a walking tour. I’m sure that my English has improved. Frankly speaking I don’t want to leave. Thank you to all members of the family.

My vacations on England

my name is Manuel i am from Spain, i  stayed in Whitstable with Patricia and her family. I liked the house so much and they have an a colossal TV but the problem is that to arrive at the center of the town you must walk like 40 minutes and in the town don t have so much to see. But i did not spend a but time it was a good experience

21 amazing days in England

Hello, we are María and Marta, we are 20 and 15.We are sisters from Spain. We went to England to study English and we spent 3 weeks at Linda´s house in Hastings.

We combined our classes with interesting excursions through England. We went to London, Oxford, Ashford, Brighton, Ray…We´ve done a lot of different activities such as crazy golf, shopping, cycling, going to the cinema, visiting museums, disco´s night…

We´ve learnt a lot about English culture, history and traditions. We really enjoyed the English houses, churches, castles, towers and the green landscapes. We will always remember those days, we felt like in home with Linda´s family.

We met people of different countries like Chinese, Arabic, Polish, German…We spent nice time with them, we learnt some things about their cultures and we improve our speaking.


Phinyada’s A level revision course.

Hi, My name is Phinyada from Thailand and now studying A-level . This half-term, I’m doing A level revision course which is very helpful for me to revise the subject that I’m doing at school. I think that the teaching methods from this course is very effective and really help me not to forget on what I have done. Studying one to one with a teacher, I can ask what I don’t understand more comfortable than when I’m studying in my class back in school. I am really satisfied with this course and I hope to come back again.

Beautiful experience with Ella in Margate

Hello everyone! My name is Maxim, I’m almost sixteen and I’m from Russia, but I live in Spain with my grandmother and uncle(who is sixteen years old!). I spent two weeks in Margate with Ella Dingley, Jim Dingley, Alexandra Dingley, Alena Dingley and a very good doggie(which breed is bullmastiff) named Tia. This family is incredible, and I had a great time with them everyday of this unforgettable trip. We discussed a lot of things with them, such as movies, politics, video games with Alexandra, different nations with Jima and English traditions with Ella. During my first week here, I was a bit nervous, because it is my first time living in another family. But now, I’m feeling like it’s my second family! Every morning we had an English lesson for three hours on which talked about grammar, pronunciation etc. Ella is a very good English teacher and she helped me a lot with everything I wanted to know. I liked this lessons very much and I will miss them. Every evening we watched a movie in English(with subtitles), which I liked.

We visited a lot of different interesting places during two weeks time, such as Turner Contemporary, Canterbury Castle, Walmer Castle, London, Dover Castle and a lot of fun places such as Mini-Golf and amusement park. A made a lot of photos of this places which I will include at the end of my review.

If I had a chance to go to England to live in a family, I would choose to be with Ella’s family again!


Two fantastic weeks

Hi, I am Deniza and I am 16 years old. I am from Russia. I came into the family on August 13 and today is my last day. I got a very good family and I don’t want to leave. I am very shy person so I was afraid that it would be hard to fit it, but from the first day I realized that i am in a good family and I should not be afraid to make mistakes, because nobody’s going to scold me, I just have to speak. First and foremost you must understand that a large part depends on you. If improve your English and to overcome the barrier is not the main task of your trip, you will not be able to do it, no matter how good would not be a teacher, so think first. Perhaps in the beginning you will want to go home, because you dot to the other side, but don’t worry about it, with time it will pass and you will want to stay. You need to be prepared for the fact that it is nit for fun, every day you will have lessons, expect weekends. For example, I had them from 8 am to 12.30 pm, of course with breaks, but lessons were very interesting. I lived in Watford and despite this I had a trip to London for a day and few trips around town for half a day, so don’t  worry, you will have the opportunity to see the sights, take a lot of pictures and buy souvenirs. You can choose a tour for yourself, no one will take you to impose. In principle, this can be completed. I hope me post will useful for you and I hope you understand that there is nothing to fear, everything will be fine, it is pleasant with useful. I highly recommended my teacher. Her name is Laureen Bygrave and I am sure these lessons with her as you will not have with anyone. I wish you good luck!!!

Enjoying Cardiff

IMG_4155 IMG_4156IMG_4157

Hello, I’m Hortense from France.

I have stayed in Cardiff for two weeks. I had a great time in Cardiff. We did different activities, I did bowling with the family, I had a tour of the castle, I had a walk around the lake and many other activities. I think my English has improved with the lessons.

Ayane from Japan in Kirriemuir Scotland

Hello I am Ayane. I came to Scotland last week with my aunt.

We are in Kirriemuir which is famous for Peter Pan. The writer of the story was born here.

Also the Rock star Bon Scott from AC/DC was born here and lived here till he was 8.

We visited Glamis Castle. It’s very big and old. I went inside the castle. It’s really beautiful.

We also visited Edinburgh. I enjoyed the festival there and we had a picnic in Princes street gardens.

I am staying with a family with twin boys and their sister. I cooked noodles for them and they enjoyed them very much.

We also learned Origami which mean fold paper.