Two weeks in Edimburgh

I’ve spent two weeks in Edimburgh in July with Heather Sutherland and her two adorable cats Rolo and Oriana. I met some members of her family and they were lovely.

I had never been in Scotland before and I really loved the city and the unusual hot weather. During the course, I had English lessons in the morning, from Monday to Friday, and then we used to visit several places such as museums, Calton Hill, the Edimburgh Castle, we climbed Arthur’s Seat (where there are an amazing view of the city and surroundings), the Scottish Parliament, the Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel… The latter is what you will enjoy the most if you are interested in engineering. 
I really enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot.

My vacations in Pawlett

During these holidays, I slept in a nice house with two adults very funny and helpful. With my flatmate they offered us different activities and excursions. The classes went well with Chris. He is very understanding and listening. Gill cooked very well and she made the incredible desserts . The adaptation was a little difficult the first days but then everything worked fine. The only negative point of this stay is the lack of activities in this village. 

Arthur Viallaron 

Visiting Wales for the first time

When you arrive at a place for the first time, you`ll never know what is going to happen. But in that adventure, I have discovered an amazing place and I have met the most wonderful family ever. My name is Cristina Cortes, I have been in Cardiff for two weeks, and I will never forget one of the most fantastic weeks in my life. Thank you for all.

2 weeks in Cambridge

Hi! My name is Marina I’m from Spain and I’m 14 years old.
Hello! My name is Uliana I’m from Belarus and I’m 13 years old.
The family is very friendly. It consists of four people: Daniella, Deryck (Daniela’s husband) , Emma (their daughter) and Andrew (their son). The family is so nice!
The food was really good and it was homemade.
For breakfast we had  cereals with milk or toasts. We had some juice as well. After lessons we had lunch, we usually ate panini,  omlet or pasta.
And for dinner we had: curry, pizza, chicken and other delicious dishes.
The house where we lived was so big and comfortable. We had a big bedroom for two people and a bathroom in it. The family is also had a big dinning room where we had our lessons and  lovely garden with a trampoline in it.
We had a lot of great excursions every day! We went to Cambridge, where we visited Duxford, Fitzwilliam museum, Zoology museum and a lot of other  interesting places.
On Sunday we had a full day exursion to London! We visited Natural History Museum and butterflies exposition too. We also visited the Buckingham Palace, after that we sat on the grass in  Great Saint John’s Park and bought an ice cream and waffles with chocolate. It was so yammy!

Carlo and Elena’s course in Bristol

We’re Elena and Carlo two students in the living learning English course in Bristol. We stayed with Lesley’s family for two weeks. We had the chance to meet and talk to her husband, her daughter and even two other students from different countries that lived in the house. We had one bedroom each, both very comfortable, with a bathroom that we shared. We had also got one TV each where we could watch a large variety of films. During our stay we went to visit the city center where we visited the science museum and the main historical buildings. We also had an incredible day at the zoo! Our teacher also organized a few meetings with other LLE students so that we could meet people from other countries and then hang out with them on our free time. The lessons are personalized for you even though you have them with your partner. In the lessons there are a lot of internet resources and games. It’s an incredible experience!

Portobello, Edinburgh

I had a great time, it a was a very nice family, they were tacking care of me all the time. The trips were very interesting and I had a lot of fun. And of course I learnt of English.

I recommended a lot this family 

Our stay in Margate with the Dingley family





 Hello! our names are Capucine and Polina . We are from France and Russia and we are 12 years old.

We stay in Margate with Ella, Jim, Alexandra their daughter,Tia the dog and Speedy Gonzales the tortoise. The house is big and cosy with a big garden. The house is near the beach. We spent a lot of time in the beach. The sea is very cold at first but then it becomes very warm. Every day ,we did activities . We went shopping in Westwood Cross (big shopping centre), we played Crazy mini-golf, table tennis, Scrabble, Guess who?, Wii on the TV, tennis at the seaside tennis court, we had a water fight with water guns in the garden, we picked cherries at the PYO farm, we went swimming in the swimming pool with waves and a big slide. We had a trip to Canterbury and visited Canterbury Cathedral, On Sunday we had a lot of fun in Dreamland, old-fashioned amusement park. On my, Capucine’s, birthday we went to the cinema. (I had also a present in the morning and a birthday cake with candles in the evening). We went to Turner Gallery and saw an exhibition there. It is called “Animals and us”. We saw a modern dance there too.

I, Polina, learned new words in our lessons especially polite words. I, Capucine, also learned a lot of new words (like parts of the body, opposites) and how to read the time. We learned how to speak to each other in English. We wrote our diaries every evening. Every evening we watched Harry Potter films: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The food was yummy and very delicious. Our favourite was rice with curry.

We will recommend to come here because Ella is very kind and takes us to different places and comes with us. She swims with us in the sea and the swimming pool and goes down the big slide too.

three weeks in Neston

I have been to Neston for three weeks, where we have done a lot of things

I went to the cinema to see “adrift”, also I went to the Bristol zoo where we saw a lot of different animals. We have seen cricket games and went shopping to Salisbury, Bath and Bristol. In Bath we saw the Roman Baths. We went by boat to the isle of wight to see a cricket match an the south coast.

We have walked with the dog to a field every day. 

It’s a good experience, I liked it so much

Wonderful experience in Cardiff

I had two great weeks with a lovely family in Cardiff, visiting beautiful places such as Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle, St. Fagans National History Museum, as well as I have improved my English. All the time that I’ve been here I just felt at home. I strongly recommend this program and I would definitely repeat next year!

Our wonderful course with Jackie

During the last two weeks we had so much fun !!! Between the lessons the activities were really exciting !! Kayaking, walking, playing was our daily activity. We also did shopping and we went once to the beach !! We have seen also a lot of typical things from this country like the architecture of the buildings or these Morris dancers.


 We both enjoyed it a lot won’t ever forget the time we spent here !