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Beautiful experience with Ella in Margate

Hello everyone! My name is Maxim, I’m almost sixteen and I’m from Russia, but I live in Spain with my grandmother and uncle(who is sixteen years old!). I spent two weeks in Margate with Ella Dingley, Jim Dingley, Alexandra Dingley, Alena Dingley and a very good doggie(which breed is bullmastiff) named Tia. This family is [...]

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Two fantastic weeks

Hi, I am Deniza and I am 16 years old. I am from Russia. I came into the family on August 13 and today is my last day. I got a very good family and I don’t want to leave. I am very shy person so I was afraid that it would be hard to [...]

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Ayane from Japan in Kirriemuir Scotland

Hello I am Ayane. I came to Scotland last week with my aunt. We are in Kirriemuir which is famous for Peter Pan. The writer of the story was born here. Also the Rock star Bon Scott from AC/DC was born here and lived here till he was 8. We visited Glamis Castle. It’s very [...]

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One amazing week with Yvonne

I was in Clevedon near Bristol in a lovely family! It was one week with 5h by day so it was very intense but Yvonne was always interesting and patient. I have learned what I wanted and I have improved myself more than expected! We did such great things despite the fact that we didn’t [...]

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A week in Cambridge with Daniela

A week in Cambridge with Daniela    the first day, Sunday  When I came I had a big tasty lunch at home. Then I had 4-hour lesson.   the second day, Monday  3-hour lesson started at 8 am. After lesson Daniela and I started cooking nice pancakes with Nutella and then we and her children ate [...]

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Three wonderful weeks with Sally

Hi! Our names are Anastasia and Cristina and  we are from Russia and Spain. Our age is fourteen years old. We have been  at Sally’s house in Trelleck for three weeks. Every day began with waking up at nine o’clock then we had breakfast at half past nine. Lessons start at 10 o’clock. In our [...]

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3 weeks in paradise

Hello everybody! We’re two 17 year old girls from Spain and Austria who already met last year at Michelle Miller’s place in Suffolk. So, as you can guess, we had a great time together and that’s why we decided to come back this year. Last year we only spent one week together and we became [...]

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Superbe séjour à Cambridge

  Food It been one week when I arrived and the food is really good. We have three meal every days. For the breakfast we have cereal with juce a de sometime hot chocolat. When we have a little break between the lessons we have the lunch. We usually eat spaghetti carbonara or soup after [...]

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Amazing two weeks in Hastings!

I enjoyed two weeks in Hastings with my teacher Jennifer, her husband Tim and his cousin Riz. The teacher organised the classes with different activities and materials which helped me to improve my level of English. Not only did I learn in 4 hours a day classes, but also it was awesome to enjoy conversations [...]

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An incredible week staying with Daniela

  By Margaret Class The class we had were really great! Daniela is an experienced, considerate and patient teacher.As a result, her classes were colorful and rich.We can choose whatever we like to learn,whatever we like to discuss during these classes.We can express our opinion and experience freely.Daniela would correct our mistakes of grammar and [...]

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