I had a great time

Hi there guys, today I’m gonna tell you my experience with Living Learning English.

I had a very good time during my stay in London. I mean, the first day wasn’t even over and I already knew my level of english wasn’t as good as I thought. Yet, I learned a lot.  The family I was in was simply awesome. They were funny, specially their son. We watched movies, Game of Thrones, played Risk…

And then there’s London. That city exposed itself before me… and I wasn’t able to live up to it. It let me in… and I lost myself inside it. Soho is the most bizarre place I’ve ever been , and Oxford Street is the best shopping street ever. Or at least it was, because it’s been three months since I left and now everything has changed again. But at the end that doesn’t matter. What matters is London. I saw it just as it is: a beautiful city full of life… of people… of things to do…

Anyway, that was basically my trip. It was really great. You should try.



Phinyada’s A level revision course.

Hi, My name is Phinyada from Thailand and now studying A-level . This half-term, I’m doing A level revision course which is very helpful for me to revise the subject that I’m doing at school. I think that the teaching methods from this course is very effective and really help me not to forget on what I have done. Studying one to one with a teacher, I can ask what I don’t understand more comfortable than when I’m studying in my class back in school. I am really satisfied with this course and I hope to come back again.

Beautiful experience with Ella in Margate

Hello everyone! My name is Maxim, I’m almost sixteen and I’m from Russia, but I live in Spain with my grandmother and uncle(who is sixteen years old!). I spent two weeks in Margate with Ella Dingley, Jim Dingley, Alexandra Dingley, Alena Dingley and a very good doggie(which breed is bullmastiff) named Tia. This family is incredible, and I had a great time with them everyday of this unforgettable trip. We discussed a lot of things with them, such as movies, politics, video games with Alexandra, different nations with Jima and English traditions with Ella. During my first week here, I was a bit nervous, because it is my first time living in another family. But now, I’m feeling like it’s my second family! Every morning we had an English lesson for three hours on which talked about grammar, pronunciation etc. Ella is a very good English teacher and she helped me a lot with everything I wanted to know. I liked this lessons very much and I will miss them. Every evening we watched a movie in English(with subtitles), which I liked.

We visited a lot of different interesting places during two weeks time, such as Turner Contemporary, Canterbury Castle, Walmer Castle, London, Dover Castle and a lot of fun places such as Mini-Golf and amusement park. A made a lot of photos of this places which I will include at the end of my review.

If I had a chance to go to England to live in a family, I would choose to be with Ella’s family again!


Two fantastic weeks

Hi, I am Deniza and I am 16 years old. I am from Russia. I came into the family on August 13 and today is my last day. I got a very good family and I don’t want to leave. I am very shy person so I was afraid that it would be hard to fit it, but from the first day I realized that i am in a good family and I should not be afraid to make mistakes, because nobody’s going to scold me, I just have to speak. First and foremost you must understand that a large part depends on you. If improve your English and to overcome the barrier is not the main task of your trip, you will not be able to do it, no matter how good would not be a teacher, so think first. Perhaps in the beginning you will want to go home, because you dot to the other side, but don’t worry about it, with time it will pass and you will want to stay. You need to be prepared for the fact that it is nit for fun, every day you will have lessons, expect weekends. For example, I had them from 8 am to 12.30 pm, of course with breaks, but lessons were very interesting. I lived in Watford and despite this I had a trip to London for a day and few trips around town for half a day, so don’t  worry, you will have the opportunity to see the sights, take a lot of pictures and buy souvenirs. You can choose a tour for yourself, no one will take you to impose. In principle, this can be completed. I hope me post will useful for you and I hope you understand that there is nothing to fear, everything will be fine, it is pleasant with useful. I highly recommended my teacher. Her name is Laureen Bygrave and I am sure these lessons with her as you will not have with anyone. I wish you good luck!!!

Ayane from Japan in Kirriemuir Scotland

Hello I am Ayane. I came to Scotland last week with my aunt.

We are in Kirriemuir which is famous for Peter Pan. The writer of the story was born here.

Also the Rock star Bon Scott from AC/DC was born here and lived here till he was 8.

We visited Glamis Castle. It’s very big and old. I went inside the castle. It’s really beautiful.

We also visited Edinburgh. I enjoyed the festival there and we had a picnic in Princes street gardens.

I am staying with a family with twin boys and their sister. I cooked noodles for them and they enjoyed them very much.

We also learned Origami which mean fold paper.



One amazing week with Yvonne

I was in Clevedon near Bristol in a lovely family! It was one week with 5h by day so it was very intense but Yvonne was always interesting and patient. I have learned what I wanted and I have improved myself more than expected! We did such great things despite the fact that we didn’t have much time. We went to the Bristol balloon fiesta and we saw a movie! I really recommend LLE if you want to improve your English! It’s hard the first day but at the end of your stage you can see the difference on your English level.

A week in Cambridge with Daniela

A week in Cambridge with Daniela 


the first day, Sunday 

When I came I had a big tasty lunch at home. Then I had 4-hour lesson.


the second day, Monday 

3-hour lesson started at 8 am. After lesson Daniela and I started cooking nice pancakes with Nutella and then we and her children ate them. After our lunch we decided to do sightseeing in Cambridge. The architecture of this city is quite old, but beautiful and I liked it. We visited lots of colleges, including St Joan’s College. During our trip we ate some ice cream.


the third day, Tuesday 

3-hour lesson started at 8:10 am. After lesson we made lots of tasty paninis, it was our lunch. Then we had roasted chicken with vegetables for dinner.


the forth day, Wednesday 

4-hour lesson started at 8:10 am. After lesson I had a very big and delicious lunch: pasta carbonara and risotto. The weather was terrible, so we stayed at home.


the fifth day, Thursday 

4-hour lesson started at 8:05 am. After lesson we cooked very nice pizza with ham, cheese and vegetables. Then we went to the old town to the another college. After that we decided to go to The Fitzwilliam Museum. There were lots of different sculptures and paintings of different cultures.


Three wonderful weeks with Sally

Hi! Our names are Anastasia and Cristina and  we are from Russia and Spain. Our age is fourteen years old. We have been  at Sally’s house in Trelleck for three weeks.

Every day began with waking up at nine o’clock then we had breakfast at half past nine. Lessons start at 10 o’clock. In our lessons we had speaking and listening exercises.After lessons we have lunch. Lunch was always very tasty. Before activities we had a lot of free time. We had activities like walking, having picnics.

Sally brought us to Bristol and Bath. In Bristol we went to AirHop. AirHop it’s amazing trampoline park. We also were in the theatre which name is The Old Vic. It was incredible. In Bath we went shopping and we bought tickets to sightseeing bus. Also we went to the Eastnor castle where we had a picnic and walked in the gardens.

When we came back after each activity we had a little bit of free time and then we had dinner with the family. We ate chicken with curry and rice or meat with potatoes or vegetables. Then after dinner we had free time. Sometimes we watch a horror film or a comedy with pop corn. Our favourite film was Don’t knock twice.

Most of time Sally cooked dinner but sometimes we cooked it. We cooked lots of things like cookies and risotto. Also one of Sally’s sons was a master of pancakes.

We enjoyed a lot living and learning with Sally and we hope that we will come back.

3 weeks in paradise

Hello everybody!

We’re two 17 year old girls from Spain and Austria who already met last year at Michelle Miller’s place in Suffolk. So, as you can guess, we had a great time together and that’s why we decided to come back this year.
Last year we only spent one week together and we became good friends, so this year we wanted to lengthen our stay to 3 weeks. They’ve been, undoubtedly, the best weeks in our summer holidays!
We’ve done so many things that it’s impossible to list all of them. But we’d like you to have an idea of some of the amazing things we’ve done.

In the mornings, we had lessons, but don’t think they were monotonous or boring. Each day we did something different and had a large variety of things, so time passed very quickly. We learnt lots of new things, but not only from books, also in different ways, such as funny games, making up stories with the new vocabulary, treasure hunts in stunning places, cookery, watching the news and we also went to the court to watch a trial! One day we conducted an interview with a friend of Michelle’s, who made us a delicious tea with cucumber sandwiches, scones and chocolate cake! <3
In the afternoons, we had excursions in which we visited different places and did several activities. And the great thing is that we had lots of choices! Our favourites were the magic show, the archery, stately homes like Kentwell Hall and beautiful seaside places such as Frinton.
At the weekends, we had full day excursions. For the first one we went to Ipswich to the Fake Festival to watch tribute bands, which was a nice and enjoyable experience. For the second one we visited the castle of Framlingham and we also walked around the town. Afterwards, we went to other pretty villages which are nearby.

Michelle’s house is in a rural area, but not far away from Ipswich. It’s a lovely old building and it has the best accommodation you could imagine. We both have our own bedrooms and our own bathroom. Everyday Michelle cooked us the most delicious dishes in a huge variety. She also gave us the choice to decide what we preferred. In the evenings we were more than welcome to join Michelle and her husband Jeremy in watching TV. We had our beds changed every weekend and if we wanted to get clothes washed we only had to tell her.

The first thing Michelle told us when we arrived was “Feel like you’re at home”, and she also said “help yourselves!”. She lives with her husband, Jeremy, who is a very friendly, witty and funny man. They also have a cat called Tigger, who is very nice! All of them made us feel like we were part of the family.

In conclusion, we had a memorable experience at Michelle’s place and we’ll always be grateful for everything the family had done for us. We’re sure that we’re going to come back in the future, not as students but as friends. We know that we’ll always be welcome there.
Now we’d like you to see some of our memorable moments represented in the following pictures!

We urge you to go to Michelle’s place, to have an amazing experience as we had!


IMG_2856  IMG_3086IMG_2918 IMG_2980 IMG_3111  IMG_2953 IMG_2924 IMG_2802 IMG_3196 IMG_3127 IMG_2880 IMG_3091 IMG_3161  IMG_3145 IMG_3012 IMG_2957 IMG_2830

Superbe séjour à Cambridge



It been one week when I arrived and the food is really good. We have three meal every days. For the breakfast we have cereal with juce a de sometime hot chocolat. When we have a little break between the lessons we have the lunch. We usually eat spaghetti carbonara or soup after that we usually play in the garden. When we are out we have fresh baguette sandwich. For the diner Daniela cook different dishes every evening, like a pizza, risotto, curie, ships, meat and many other things. She cook very well and we can eat as much as we like. The meal are so tasty and really delicious Arrivée et logement

Quant je suis arrivée, j’ai été très impressionné par la beauté de la maison. J’étais la première à arriver donc j’étais très timide avec Daniela et Derik, mais ils ont été très accueillant et chaleureux avec moi se qui ma tout de suite mise à l’aise. Je suis donc allée voir ma chambre. Celle-ci est très grande et très lumineuse. Moi et ma camarade avons un lit chacune avec une table de nuit chacune. Il y a une grande armoire et deux buffets ainsi qu’un bureau. Notre chambre comporte aussi une salle de bain toilettes ce qui est très agréable au quotidien. Nous avons trois fenêtre dont deux donnent sur le jardin. Celui-ci est très grand. A l’intérieur il y a un trampoline, des balançoires, un bassin avec des poissons ainsi qu’un porche avec une table et un hamac. Nous mangeons en général dans le jardin car c’est un endroit magnifique.

La nourriture

Cela va faire maintenant une semaine que je suis arrivé en Angleterre et la nourriture est vraiment bonne. Nous avons trois repas par jours. Pour le petit déjeuner nous mangeons des céréales et nous buvons du jus d’orange et parfois un chocolat chaud. Quand nous avons la pause déjeuné, entre deux leçons nous mangeons des spaghettis carbonara ou une soupe. Après sa, nous allons en général nous amusez dans le jardin. Quand nous sommes en sortie à l’extérieur nous mangeons des sandwichs dans de la baguette fraîche. Pour le dîné Daniela cuisine différent plats tous les soirs comme des pizzas, un risotto, du curry, des frites, de la viande et bien d’autres choses. Elle cuisine vraiment bien et nous pouvons manger à notre faims. Ses plats sont vraiment bon

Les leçons

Les leçons commence à 9h du matin. Au début de chaque leçons nous avons un test sur les verbes irréguliers. Pendant les leçons nous faisons en général 15 pages dans le cahier d’exercices. Si nous n’avons pas fait 15 pages pendant là leçons nous les avons en devoirs. Daniela est vraiment gentille avec nous et les leçons ne sont pas ennuyeuse car nous parlons beaucoup avec elle. Les leçons ne sont pas du tout stressante. Nous faisons aussi beaucoup de jeux avec elle. En une semaine nous avons appris beaucoup de choses et nous avons fait beaucoup de progrès


Nos Sortie

Nous sommes très heureuses par ce que nous aimons beaucoup les sorties et nous en avons fait beaucoup.Pour notre première sortie nous sommes allées à Cambridge où nous sommes allées au Cold Fiz Wiliam Museum. Nous y avons vue de magnifiques porcelaines et des tableaux de peintres célèbres telle que Picasso, Monet, Matisse, Degas, Renoir ainsi que beaucoup d’autre artiste. Par la suite nous sommes allés à Peimbroke College. Nous avns donc mangé dans les jardins de cette université. Ceux-ci sont très agréable et beaucoup d’étudiants viennent y manger, étudier ou juste se relaxer. Après ça nous sommes montés en haut de la tour de l’église St Marie d’où nous pouvions admirer le panoramas et la vue imprenable sur Cambridge. Par la suite nous avons pris une barque sur la rivière Camb, nous avons vue plus d’université et grâce au guide nous avons appris des choses sur l’histoire très riche de ces universités.

Le second jour de sortie nous nous sommes rendus à Londres où nous sommes allés au London Aquarium (l’aquarium de Londres). C’était vraiment magnifique ! Par la suite nous avons pris un bateau touristique sur la Tamise. Nous y avons vue beaucoup d’immeubles parfois un peu étrange mais se fut une très belle balade où nous avons enfin pu voir le Tower Bridge. C’était incroyable !

Pour notre troisième jours de sortie nous sommes allés à Wimpool Estate. Il y avait un jardin vraiment incroyable, avec beaucoup de magnifique fleurs. Wimpool Estate comportait aussi une ferme où nous avons pu y voir un cheval, des ânes, beaucoup de porc des chèvres, des lapins et bien d’autres animaux. Il y avait aussi un grand palais vraiment magnifique.