The best stay in Cambridge

My name is Kirill. I’m twelve years old and I’m from Russia. I’m staying in Cottenham – near Cambridge, with Daniela and her family. (I’m staying alone)


The family is kind, friendly and caring. I learnt a lot vocabulary from Andrew and Emma (who are 12 years old boy and 8 years old girl) because I  play a lot with them. I get on really well with them and we have lots of fun  ,we play water fights, computer games called PUBGmobile .I played this game with Andrew.


My room is really nice and big, and when I arrived I was really impressed because the house is big and my bedroom is  twice bigger then my last year  bedroom.(i have been with LLE last year too) In my bedroom I also have my own sofa, bathroom, fridge and desk. The garden is really big too and we’re having a great time on the swings and trampoline .


I fill that I have made a lot of progress and I’m working really hard in the lessons and outside lessons too. Daniela is a good teacher, she’s patient, kind, helpful and ambitious. She has high expectation.


I had good and healthy food and it was different all the time. Home burgers and salmon en croute were my favourite dishes.

Places that I visited

I’ve already visited many places and I’m going to tell you all about them. The first place that I have visited was Cambridge and Cambridge Colleges. I enjoy that. Next, I was visiting Anglesey Abbey, very beautiful house with amazing garden.  The third visit was London. In London I was in many places but the most important are: History Museum, Hide Park and bout trip on the river Thames . The next place that I visited was Wimple Hall ,another really big  house with farm and park. The last one is Duxford- very big museum with lots of planes. I’d enjoyed everything. I would recommend this course to young learners.


Thank you.


3 weeks in Witham

I have just spent 3 weeks in Witham, Essex improving my English.  I lived with my teacher Karen and her husband Neil – they were very friendly!  They looked after me very well!  The house was very cosy and I had a lovely big modern and well-equipped room with a large bed and lots of space to move around and for studying.  Furthermore I had a modern private bathroom.  The course itself met all my expectations. I was always speaking and listening to English.  The classes were very effective and diverse.  I did lots of different activities (always in English!) like yoga, Nordic walking, theatre, cinema, visits to special places and towns and lots of walking generally.   And finally, I read loads of books and watched the corresponding films which was a really nice experience!  Thank you everyone for the opportunity of doing this full-immersion course which from a learning perspective is so thorough compared to learning in a group!

summer in Margate

Hello, my name is Floren. I’m from Thailand. I came to England to spend a week and a half at Jim and Ella’s house. They are so kind to me. I really enjoyed  the time that I spent here. Ella’s lessons are fun and interesting; she would always find new exercises and games for me to do. During my stay here I have tried a lot of new things, traditional English food such and black pudding, gherkins and jacket potato. Also, visiting a lot of new and fascinating places on my excursions such as Canterbury cathedral and Canterbury haunted houses, The Shell Grotto where no one knows why or how it was built. Ella showed me Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Jim and Ella’s house is in Margate with only 10 minute walk to the beach. It is a very nice town with lovely weather in the summer (Ella says that I’m luckyJ). Jim and Ella have a dog and a tortoise, Tia and speedy. Tia is the biggest softie that I have ever met, she is really sweet and I will miss her so much when I go back to Thailand. Speedy likes to hide in the garden, on a sunny day she will come out of hiding and she loves it when you feed her apples. It was a really great experience and I would recommend everyone to come.



Great stay in Oxfod with Elain – Two weeks in May 2018

I am sixty, I come from France. Elain’s lessons and teaching methods were excellent! Now I got more confident in speaking English and I improved a lot.

I enjoyed the visits of Oxford and the Costwolds. The activities were very diverse: guided tour, cycling, walking along the river, watching films ou DVD.

The most important to improve, were all the chats with Elain and her husband Patrick, about a wide range of topics, sometimes unusual like birds.

Elain is a very good cook and I can discovered English cheese and delicious meals.

I definitely recommand a training with Elain in Oxford !

My stay in Whistable

Hi my name is Bruno and I’ m from Spain.

I spend in Whistable two weeks. I liked the classes but the most is the TV report , from the report i learned how to have more vocabulary. My favorite excursion was the Chatham Dockyards

My vacations on England

my name is Manuel i am from Spain, i  stayed in Whitstable with Patricia and her family. I liked the house so much and they have an a colossal TV but the problem is that to arrive at the center of the town you must walk like 40 minutes and in the town don t have so much to see. But i did not spend a but time it was a good experience

21 amazing days in England

Hello, we are María and Marta, we are 20 and 15.We are sisters from Spain. We went to England to study English and we spent 3 weeks at Linda´s house in Hastings.

We combined our classes with interesting excursions through England. We went to London, Oxford, Ashford, Brighton, Ray…We´ve done a lot of different activities such as crazy golf, shopping, cycling, going to the cinema, visiting museums, disco´s night…

We´ve learnt a lot about English culture, history and traditions. We really enjoyed the English houses, churches, castles, towers and the green landscapes. We will always remember those days, we felt like in home with Linda´s family.

We met people of different countries like Chinese, Arabic, Polish, German…We spent nice time with them, we learnt some things about their cultures and we improve our speaking.


Wonderful one week home tuition course!

First of all, I’d like to say that I enjoyed my home tuition course very much. I had great time during my stay in Bristol. I was there for only one week, but it was amazing.
My teacher and her family are wonderful people and they are so friendly, I enjoyed every day spent with them.
The excursions I had were very interesting and fascinating. I believe, that during this one week course I improved my English, brought it to a higher level.
That is why I am very grateful to you for giving me such an opportunity and experience, it was really awesome.

I had a great time

Hi there guys, today I’m gonna tell you my experience with Living Learning English.

I had a very good time during my stay in London. I mean, the first day wasn’t even over and I already knew my level of english wasn’t as good as I thought. Yet, I learned a lot.  The family I was in was simply awesome. They were funny, specially their son. We watched movies, Game of Thrones, played Risk…

And then there’s London. That city exposed itself before me… and I wasn’t able to live up to it. It let me in… and I lost myself inside it. Soho is the most bizarre place I’ve ever been , and Oxford Street is the best shopping street ever. Or at least it was, because it’s been three months since I left and now everything has changed again. But at the end that doesn’t matter. What matters is London. I saw it just as it is: a beautiful city full of life… of people… of things to do…

Anyway, that was basically my trip. It was really great. You should try.



One amazing week with Yvonne

I was in Clevedon near Bristol in a lovely family! It was one week with 5h by day so it was very intense but Yvonne was always interesting and patient. I have learned what I wanted and I have improved myself more than expected! We did such great things despite the fact that we didn’t have much time. We went to the Bristol balloon fiesta and we saw a movie! I really recommend LLE if you want to improve your English! It’s hard the first day but at the end of your stage you can see the difference on your English level.