My holiday with jacob thomas

I was in south of england and the weather was very good. it was my greatest english experience. This travel make me discover a bit part of England. I had a lot of luck because i was with a great family and a great partner. The food was delisious and we visited beautiful typical English monument. I recommend this organisation for loocking at holiday in english family.

My two weeks with Gill Stephens in Brighton

Great new experience for me: I had no idea this kind of homestay courses existed at all! I totally recommend it, and I recommend it with Gill Stephens! Gill is a highly experienced teacher, she will adapt to whatever your learning needs are and fit the lectures to your interests. Both Gill and his partner (Nick) will pay attention to every detail to make you feel at home.

Three beautiful weeks with Ella’s family

Hello, I am Filip. I am 21. I am from the Czech Republic. I lived in this big house with Ella’s family, who are Jim, the husband, Alena and Alexandra, the girls, Tia, the dog and Speedy Gonzales, the tortoise. I spent with them three weeks and I had a lot of experience here. I visited three castles: Walmer Castle with a beautiful garden, Deal Castle and I went to Dover Castle twice because it is so big that we did not have enough time to see it in one day. Ella took me to the Charles Dickens Museum in Broadstairs, Bleak House where Charles Dickens wrote “David Copperfield” and smugglers museum.

Alena and her German friend Sofie took me to Turner Contemporary Gallery and saw the “Animals and us” exhibition. I prefer historical museums.

Jim took me to the city of Canterbury and I visited Canterbury Cathedral.

I was studying five hours a day. I came here to prepare for my exams at University. I feel that it was very good for me. I think I made a lot of progress. I had free weekends for full day excursions.

I wish to be here longer.

Wonderful trip in Cambridge

the family:

Our family is very cool. There are two children : Andrew and Emma. Andrew is 12 years old, he is realy fun and we can do a lot of acrivities with him !

Emma is 8 years old, she is very cute and nice !

Derrick is the father of the family he is realy kind 

Daniela is the mother, she is a very good teacher and a very good cooker ! Daniela is very very Nice !


The food :

A lot of people say, the english’s food is not healthy but, in our family the food is healthy and Daniela do a lot of homemade food!


The accommodation:

With lena/charlotte we have a big bedroom with two confortable beds, a sofa, a cupboard, a fridge and a bathroom!

The house is very big, there are in the garden 1 swing , 1 trampoline,1 panding pool and a littel pond with froggs and fishes !



With our family we do a lot of activities: we go to the pool, to london and to Cambridge, we visit a lot of muséums and gardens , and we do a lot of shopping !

And we play a lot in the garden 



Two amazing weeks in Leicester

Hello! I’m Niruta from Barcelona in Catalonia and I’ve been staying two weeks in Leicester living with my teacher Karen and her family.

For me it was a very nice experience where I learned english and also I got a lot of greats moments with this family. For example we went to visit Leicester City Centre and it was very nice and now I can saty that I’m an expert of Richard III and and also we went to the country side and we visited Sheffield.
With my teacher Karen she helped me and now I’m feeling that my english level it’s improving and for me this two weeks had been very helpful and has also helped me to consolidate basic concepts.
I recommend this type of course to people who want to learn english and live a period of time like english people.
I’m very happy of this new experence for my and I’m sure that I will repeat this great adventure again.
I will miss this amazing family!!!
Thanks for all.

Two weeks in Edimburgh

I’ve spent two weeks in Edimburgh in July with Heather Sutherland and her two adorable cats Rolo and Oriana. I met some members of her family and they were lovely.

I had never been in Scotland before and I really loved the city and the unusual hot weather. During the course, I had English lessons in the morning, from Monday to Friday, and then we used to visit several places such as museums, Calton Hill, the Edimburgh Castle, we climbed Arthur’s Seat (where there are an amazing view of the city and surroundings), the Scottish Parliament, the Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel… The latter is what you will enjoy the most if you are interested in engineering. 
I really enjoyed my time there and I learned a lot.

Two weeks in a sunny Bristol

Hi, I am Magdalena from Bilbao.

Last May I spent two weeks with Lesley and David in their charming house in Bristol. When I arrived they gave me a warm welcome and since the beginning I felt very comfortable with them. The house was very well prepared to develop this kind of learning program, in fact, my room was very nice. They took care of everything I needed and at the same time, I had time to enjoy the stay on my own, something that I really appreciated.

Lesley Mathew is a very professional teacher and she has everything very well organized to make the most of the English learning process: the method, materials as well as, the valuable suggestions she gave me. I had four hours/day classes and we did some amazing excursions to Bristol and Bath. We visit several museum and I was really impressed by the quality of their expositions.

I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to live such an interesting experience and  I recommend this program to everyone who wants to boost his English.

Ah! And the weather was incredible.

Visiting Countryside. Cheltenham

I had a great experience with Vera and David. Very nice area in the suburbs of Cheltenham with lots of green spots and quite atmosphere. At ten minutes from the center by car. We enjoyed visiting the surroundings. I loved when we went to Oxford, amazing experience. I totally recommend this family.

Our wonderful course with Jackie

During the last two weeks we had so much fun !!! Between the lessons the activities were really exciting !! Kayaking, walking, playing was our daily activity. We also did shopping and we went once to the beach !! We have seen also a lot of typical things from this country like the architecture of the buildings or these Morris dancers.


 We both enjoyed it a lot won’t ever forget the time we spent here !