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Two Awesome Weeks With Daniela

Hello! My name is Ivan Bokhan. I’m 15 years old and I’m from Belarus. I staying in a nice two-story house in Cottenham , Cambridge. I will be here for two weeks, with Daniela, Deryck (her husband) and two nice children. I stay here with another student called Hugo. I’m really happy that I can [...]

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2 amazing weeks in Brighton

We spent  2  unforgettable week in Brighton with Marie Strebler. Marie is a wonderful person and a professional  teacher. She is energetic, optimistic and cheerful. And our lessons were lively, interesting, bright and results are useful  in life. Also we had a rich excursion program, which Marie organized and conducted for us. We want to [...]

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An incredible week staying with Daniela

  By Margaret Class The class we had were really great! Daniela is an experienced, considerate and patient teacher.As a result, her classes were colorful and rich.We can choose whatever we like to learn,whatever we like to discuss during these classes.We can express our opinion and experience freely.Daniela would correct our mistakes of grammar and [...]

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Cambridge,a place to seek a dream

  剑桥,一个适合寻梦的地方。 满载一船星辉,在星辉斑斓里放歌,徐志摩眼中的康桥即是如此。而荡漾在康河柔波里的我们却没有那么多葱茏的少年心事。东方既白,朝晖初现,千万点浮光在康河上跃动,一如河畔校园里的莘莘学子般盈满生机。一河,两岸,几叶扁舟,几多笑语。这里,有顶尖的学府,有优秀的学生,有悠久的历史,古老与现代的碰撞在熙熙攘攘的人流中涌动。游至剑桥,方能感悟此中真谛。

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Crazy Crick Family

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Amazing stay in Cambridge

       Food It been one week when I arrived and the food is really good. We have three meal every days. For the breakfast we have cereal with juce a de sometime hot chocolat. When we have a little break between the lessons we have the lunch. We usually eat spaghetti carbonara or [...]

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Three weeks in Oxfordshire

My name is Reiko, I come from Japan and I am retired. I had two teachers Susan and Shan. Unfortunately when Andrew came to Sue’s house it was raining and it was continuing to rain at Shan’s house. For Sunday lunch there was Shan’s brother-in-law Malcolm, Shan and Andrew’s son Owain and his girlfriend Jill. [...]

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Homestay course in Bristol


Good evening to everybody, I’m Matteo Masella from Italy, i’m 23 years old and i would tell you about my experience with Living Learning English with the teacher Susan Caporn in Bristol. It was a beautiful experience where i could have learnt a lot thanks to the teacher who did an amazing job ! Susan [...]

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Two weeks in Stratford Upon-Avon

I stayed two week with the Comyns  family and their  two children. In the morning I did 3 hours of lessons, but they were great because there aren’t only with the book, we used the computer and saw some videos and it did the lesson more interactive. In the afternoon  every day I went to [...]

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Gill, teacher Brighton

Teacher, Gill Stephens, has a great experience and she really knows to adapt lessons and teacher methods to the needs to the student. She has motivated me in my learning process and in adition to the day-to-day lessons, she has been able to detect my limitations and boundaries. She helped me to work out a [...]

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